Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla S.A.: Recommendations


General recommendations for contracting the work involved in installing individual water meters in buildings:

SEND US the attached form or contact the cooperating companies directly for a no-obligation quotation.

  • Where will the meter bank be placed?
  • What material will the meter cabinet be made of, and how much space will it occupy?
  • Where will the risers (pipes) go? Will they be open or covered? If they are exposed to sunlight, is insulation appropriate?
  • Where will the mains connection pipe run?
  • Does the quotation include all wall coverings?
  • Does the quotation include a new water pump or will it be possible to use the present one?
  • How long is the work expected to take?
  • How long is the quotation valid for?
  • What does the guarantee cover?
  • Does it include an outlet for the use of the Property Owners' Association?.
  • Will the renovation of the communal supply to the building have any effect on the internal supply to each home?


Once you have selected the installation company that offers the best quality/price ratio, and you have checked that the quotation details all of the options you have chosen, accept (sign) the quotation and keep a copy.

To speed up the process, it is necessary that all residents cooperate with the selected installation company in completing the required documentation and during the work itself.

The installation company will send your application for a subsidy together with all the documentation necessary to EMASESA. Once the work has been completed and signed off by the President of the Owners' Association, and the subsidy has been granted and deducted from the price of the installation, it will be paid directly to the installation company.